Children 6 months to 2 years - 125 mg 3-6 years - 250 mg, 7-12 years - 500 mg 13-15 years - 750 mg dose. A course of treatment - a day. It is used during or after a meal. Three courses with periods of two weeks. Effectiveness - up to 97.5%. Pathologic anatomy myocardial infarction patológica.Si influence right heart (right half), and the patient seems to increase faster pecheni.Ispolzuyutsya stagnant for some reason means including tetracycline derivatives, chloramphenicol or conventional right here kektra doses throughout the febrile period and appreksii first week. Spend and take measures to prevent salmonella infektsii.Gastroenterokolitichesky secondary option, which could begin in the stomach and intestinal inflammation, but then more and more clearly seen in the clinical symptoms of colitis. In this case its current Salmonella resemble acute dysentery. The disease begins sharply, and the temperature rises, there are other symptoms of poisoning. Since the early days of the disease frequent liquid bowel, mixed with mucus and sometimes blood.

El Telégrafo de Guayaquil

Debut de Pervis Estupiñán empañado por goleada del FC Barcelona


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Carapaz llegó en el puesto 22 y fue el mejor latinoamericano en el Mundial de Ciclismo; Jualian Alaphilippe se proclamó campeón

Ciclismo a1d4a

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Zevallos: se cumplieron todos los protocolos para encuentro de fútbol entre Barcelona y Flamengo

JuanZevallos aa089

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Partido Barcelona vs. Flamengo sí se jugará en el estadio Monumental


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Richard Carapaz en el top de los ciclistas mejor pagados


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